We exist to be an environment where
people get the opportunity to create life.

Sean Mason, Creator

We stand for the proposition that people create life with language. George Bernard Shaw said, “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” He would’ve been a regular.

Felicia Mason, Creator

I’m the silent partner. Well, except for the silent part.

Melissa Blanchard, General Manager

You know, I spent seven years in urology. Running a social café isn’t really all that different. Other than the men aren’t scared of me anymore.

The Love Story

Sean Mason is the one to blame for NoSo Vita’s existence.

His better half, Felicia Mason, was skeptical about leaving their Estates and Trusts Practice in Santa Barbara, California. Sean, a self proclaimed introvert, had always yearned for creating an environment that engages social interaction, inspires creation, and contributes to the quality of life. After many inspiring conversations for what’s possible, they determined that a coffee house environment was the best place to start. So, making one of the most significant transitions of their lives, they move to Ojai, where Felicia grew up, and look for other people as crazy as they were. One person they knew that would hop on the crazy train was Melissa Blanchard, Felicia’s sister, who became the very charming General Manager. Having left successful careers, they all embarked on a journey of creation, passion, contribution and community.

We opened our doors on January 14th, 2015, with the vision of a world where all people live created lives that inspire, enliven, and make a difference. People actually showed up and continue to show up. Although it looks different now than that first day we opened our door, our mission has never faltered: to engage people in creating life and making a difference. Bottom line, we exist to be an environment where people get the opportunity to create life.